The Kinshi Temple

Kinshi - New Player Bundle

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This bundle provides you with everything you need to start playing Bushido or add a new faction to your gaming table!

Contains the following items:

Master Shi


The Master of the Void Monks, a force of entropy and corruption, a son of the Black Sun and Destroyer of Worlds.

The death of time.                     The death of light.                               The death of existence.                                                 Eternal night. The circle turns. The suns dim. Erase the living. A chorus sings. 

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A timeless monk roams,
Through paths distant and broad
His soul unmoved, still.

Guided by the void’s howl,
Purple flame dances ahead,
Night's shadows retreat.


If you have The Void box set - and if not, why not? - then Kodai is a must-have addition. Firstly, if for no other reason, you should get Kodai because when Hishigata dies, you can replace them with Kodai for free!

Price: £12.05

The Void - Themed Warband


The Void is the antithesis of those from the Temple of Ro-Kan, the direct opposite in every way, shape and form. If Ro-Kan is light, then the Void is its shadow; it is the night to their day, and the most obvious observation is the Yin to their Yang. Unlike the monks of the Ro-Kan, they have no Ki. None. Life and time generate Ki; the Void monks seek to destroy it. The Void aims to return everything to a glorious state of nothing, darkness, silence, and Void. What the Temple of Ro-Kan builds, the Void monks seek to eradicate.

Price: £62.40
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