Savage Wave



Many oni thirst for the favour of a kijo, and Tsuta knows how to drive her brethren to seek more extraordinary acts of violence and glory. As they throw themselves into battle, even if they fall, the oni grow stronger. Each battle awakens memories that have been dormant for an age, the spirits of oni who have gone before. Tsuta bears proof of the cunning of her past lives, wielding weapons that showed their worth generations ago.

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Foon Gus


Bakemono are plentiful and expendable, and it’s The Gardener’s role to enhance these chittering beasts into furious war machines that go berserk in battle, seeing everything through a fungus-infused red mist. Mushrooms and Bakemono go claw in claw. Deep within the earth’s bowels, The Gardener, over countless years - and countless bakemono - has perfected the ratio of Red Claws to feed a bakemono that will result in the savagery of Foon Gus and not the usual tongue-extending death.

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Most Onisho will use a variety of weapons in their desire to grow, kill and exalt themselves into full Oni status. Yasei has used weapons but is one of the most proficient unarmed Onisho seen in decades. He seems to instinctively know how to bend, twist and break opponents in increasingly creative ways.

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In the darkness of the underworld, the Bakemono signal alarms and warnings over long distances using great horns. These are usually only used far below ground where no human would hear. Tu-ning has brought one of the great instruments to the surface, and for the first time, people have listened to the off-key and mournful note ... though none have yet lived to tell of it. The Bakemono know to go to the horn when it is blown, encouraging more to appear from the shadows and those fleeing to return to the horn as a place of safety in numbers, a rallying point if you will.

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There is little known about the Bakemono and even less understood. That they are different from one another is at best a guess, but after years of conflict against them, the Minimoto tells us of one type - so far - that defies any description of any kind. It would ring hollow had it not been reported by so many. It seems that when in the act of dying, the Yami’mure vomits forth an egg or capsule of some sort that immediately opens to reveal twin Bakemono that are at once ready to fight.

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Savage Wave - Faction Dice Set


Brand new Risen Sun Faction dice, featuring high quality engraved and painted detailing. Attack dice see faction specific design and defence dice celebrate the Risen Sun. Packs contain 6 Attack dice and 6 Defence dice.

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Bakemono bodyguards are notoriously tricky and untrustworthy, not so Ook. Ook is a Guardian of the Shadow Council, and having forfeited his will and soul to them, acts as their vessel, now ever loyal to the Bakemono’s twilight cause. Using his diminutive stature to get to where he needs to be, Ook can position himself to protect his charges best, no matter where they are. Not even in death does Ook’s duty end, as the Shadow Council and their heralds can bring him back to fight on their behalf even after his body lies cooling on the floor.

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Savage Wave - New Player Bundle

Sorry, this product is currently out of stock!

This bundle provides you with everything you need to start playing Bushido or add a new faction to your gaming table!

Contains the following items:

1 × Ook

Savage Wave - Special Card Deck


This pack contains 20 special cards to customise your Bushido Warband:

  • 3 Enhancement cards
  • 7 Equipment cards
  • 4 Event cards
  • 3 Terrain cards
  • 3 Theme cards

Note: the purchase of the physical deck includes a free digital version of the cards.

Price: £10.95

Bakemono Raider


Important: this model is included in the Faction Starter Set.

Blister contains one miniature supplied with a 30mm base and full colour profile card.

Note: this product comes with a plastic base. You may purchase resin receptacles upgrades with optional magnets here.

Price: £9.84


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