Volunteer Program


Bushido has, since its launch, been helped by a number of amazing volunteers who give their time to promote the game, organise events and even help playtest the new profiles as they are written to keep the game as balanced as possible.

We’re now opening up applications to join both our Retainer volunteer team and the playtest team.

Retainers will assist in making sure Bushido is available to play in their area, they will run events such as tournaments and campaign days and ensure that new players can learn the game easily. Sometimes GCT needs assistance at conventions and Retainers are often asked to help there too.

Playtesters will be looking at new profiles and other rules before release to ensure we keep to the great game balance we currently enjoy. It's a way to influence how Bushido will be by giving feedback on new rules and suggesting fixes to issues you find.

To show our appreciation for the work our volunteers do, we will be implementing a new points system where volunteers earn points and can redeem them each year for a special Volunteer only resculpt of a Bushido model. This unique sculpt will not be later used for retail sale, it will only be available to volunteers in the year it was released. If you miss it, it’s gone!

Most of all we have always enjoyed a friendly and open community of volunteers. We intend to keep this going and have a group we can enjoy discussing the game with and who we know will represent GCT well to the local communities.

You can apply to be either a retainer, playtester or both using the form below. Send it with the NDA to jason@gctstudios.com and we’ll get you signed up.


Note: you cannot be in either group without the NDA so make sure you include it!