Studio Update


1. Inari's Judgement Themed Warband

'The Nine-Tailed Fox' profile card has an errata. It will now read that the model can be based on either a 30mm or 40mm base at the player's discretion.

2. Shipping of Gen Con orders

Apologies that we have fallen behind responding to requests for shipping updates. All Non-EU orders from Gen Con have been shipped. EU orders are currently going out via our fulfilment partners.

3. Kitsune Painting Competition

The closing deadline is the 21st of October

4. Bushido bash in the North

Sunday, September 25th, 10am 

Great for players new and old, 100 rice 3 rounds, Standard set up from the rulebook, Scenarios to be released on the day from the tournament pack, £5 to be paid on the day at the shop. More info here.