30mm Base Receptacles (6-Pack)


The GCT Studios base receptacles are part of a line of modular products that allow you to magnetise your miniatures for safe transport as well as customise the base to fit the thematic of your warband. An added benefit of these bases is that they are substantially heavier than standard plastic moulded bases, for an improved in-game experience.

This listing is for 6x 30mm Base Receptacles with support for optional 5x2mm magnet, in black, suitable for 24mm inserts. Please choose in the dropdown menu the type of inserts you would like.

IMPORTANT: this product is made of high-quality resin designed as 'snap-in-place' and as such may require moderate preparation in order for the insert and/or magnet to bed in. This product is safe for hobby purposes but is not a toy - do not let children play with them.