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Brother Zandaka


Zandaka is a schemer. While everything is going to plan, he is unstoppable.  Brought in to deal with the most formidable opposition to the Silvermoon's business opportunities, Brother Zandaka is always calm. Usually, he resolves issues by simply explaining the situation to those creating problems, and when violence does occur, enemies often assume the threat comes from Lama’a, his ubiquitous buto companion. However, Brother Zandaka is far more dangerous than Lamaa and, indeed, is considered one of the deadliest Shatei in the Syndicate.

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Despite his inexperience, he is a Buto of unquestionable worth. Even though he has a confident presence and intimidation factor, his apprenticeship with Brother Zandaka has raised eyebrows among the Three Moons hierarchy of the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate. When seen together, most assume Zandaka to be the negotiator and Lama’a the muscle; actually, Lama’a is often just the distraction, and Brother Zendaka is the threat.

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Tomo was training in medicine. While still an apprentice they were called to tend to a sick patient and made a terrible error. Not only was the patient lost but Tomo contracted their disease. Now horribly disfigured Tomo was unable to get new patients; who wants to see a diseased doctor? Also dismissed from finishing the required education, fate seemed to have nothing but failure in store. Things turned around when Tomo discovered exactly what kind of patient would go to such a healer.

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Remember that most of the time, when it comes to Jima and the Silver Moon Syndicate, The House Always Wins ... well. Enter young Fuku, a man of marvel with cards, dice, lee-rets, bluffing, blinding, and bidding. One night, he won so much that he earned the eternal ire of one of the underbosses, Deikuo. Deikuo was convinced that Fuku was somehow cheating but could not work out how. All he knew was that Fuku played large and loud, leaving the table just before his luck would surely turn for the worse.

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Satzuko specialises in the ancient art of massage and ki-manipulation, which is rare for a female among the Flower Houses. Traditionally, this role is given to the men who use their strength to knead the stress and tensions from a client’s body, but Satzuko is equally skilled and more than capable of soothing blocked chakras allowing the Ki to flow correctly.

Her training will enable her to meditate for additional Ki to keep your models free from Markers and give them extra activations. However, she has low Melee and will need to be protected to do what she does best.

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Silvermoon Syndicate - Faction Dice Set


Brand new Risen Sun Faction dice, featuring high quality engraved and painted detailing. Attack dice see faction specific design and defence dice celebrate the Risen Sun. Packs contain 6 Attack dice and 6 Defence dice.

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You wouldn’t look twice at Jum if he came towards you on the streets. He looks like any other townsman you would see going about his business. That’s until he slips off into the shadows to throw a bevy of shuriken at his opponents to soften them up! But it is when he closes in for the kill that his abilities become clear. His training allows him to match even a Samurai in melee as long as they don’t know he’s coming for them!

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Ayame was known for her beauty long before becoming a Rose, her ability to manipulate people into doing her “Favours” was noticed early and the Gumi made her an offer.

In Bushido, taking objectives and controlling zones is dangerous and difficult. The Roses of the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate simply get the enemy to do it for them! Ayame exemplifies the Rose abilities and offers more options to those Jade Rose players to make an all-rose list.

Blister contains one miniature supplied with a 30mm base and full colour profile card.

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Silvermoon Syndicate - New Player Bundle

Sorry, this product is currently out of stock!

This bundle provides you with everything you need to start playing Bushido or add a new faction to your gaming table!

Contains the following items:

1 × Rakki

Silvermoon Syndicate - Special Card Deck


This pack contains 20 special cards to customise your Bushido Warband:

  • 3 Enhancement cards
  • 4 Equipment cards
  • 10 Event cards
  • 3 Theme cards

Note: the purchase of the physical deck includes a free digital version of the cards.

Price: £10.95


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